How do you handle maliciously instigated insults? By Mwalimu James Ngugi

It’s in a busy hotel, an impatient customer shouts at the waiter, “Wewe, Ng’ombe…” According to him he has made an order. But According to the waiter, the customer has grossly insulted him- without provocation. He is upset and he plots in his mind how to retaliate. When his food is ready, the waiter cleverly walks to a nearby table and shouts….”Nani ng’ombe?”. The one who did the order innocent replies, “Mimi ngo’mbe…” to add salt to an injury the occupants of the table where the waiter is standing joins the fray as they point a finger at the “originator” of this conversation, “Yule ndiyo ngombe”…
Hawa wametoka draw.

Now, some boys in a public secondary school were planning to go on strike but coincidentally the school principal is seen walking majestically to his house quite oblivious of the tense situation. In the cover of darkness, the charged students hurl insults at him…”…..mbwa wewe”. The humiliated principal turns back in fury but he realises he can’t fight back the crowd of riotous students . He counter attacks….”Hata nyinyi ni Maumbwa..”
On hearing this the riotous boys whose intention was to immeasurably provoke the old man finds his verbal reaction funny. They laugh and “renarrate” the episode the entire night. Tension is diffused. There is no strike In the proceeding period.

So how do you handle maliciously instigated insults??
The best way is to hilariously react to it. Learn to fight back an Insult by making a joke out of it..


  1. irene oilepo says:

    What a humorous write-up!

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