Distinguished leaders outside politics: In the late 60’s Father Peter Piet Payens a missionary from the Netherlands arrived in the Catholic Diocese of Ngong to start his evangelical work that would eventually see him traverse the Diocese especially in Loitokitok for over 3 decades. He arrived in Loitokitok as a young man and left the place as an old man but having proudly achieved what very few of his contemporaries did.

During his tenure as Priest in Charge of St Luke’s Catholic Parish in Loitokitok, Fr Payens presided over massive increase of christian converts from the handful he found on his arrival. He oversaw the opening up of new churches stretching from Namelok to Imurtot, from Inkisanjani to Shurie and from Kimana to Illasit.

But besides his spiritual nourishment roles, Fr Payens aimed at improving the lifestyles of people living in Loitokitok. In this regard it did not matter what denomination one ascribed to.. He was always willing to help. At some point through Fr Payens, a significant number of students in Secondary schools especially in Loitokitok were in school courtesy of his charity. I am aware of others whom he personally ensured went through college education. He was immensely involved with the establishment of Christian Children Fund (CCF) in Loitokitok region. Other charitable initiatives associated with Fr Payens include DEAKONIA which was largely involved with helping the vulnerable.

But that was not enough, Fr Peter Payens was instrumental in supporting capacity building initiatives including but not limited to GRAPE which aimed to improve on leadership and management skills of Group ranch officials. The first office of GRAPE was domiciled at the St Luke’s offices.

It is also through Fr Payens connections that Oloitokitok Boys Secondary School was built from scratch. Indeed one of the dormitories in the school is named after him but there is a possibility that many of Oloitokitok Secondary alumni knows little about this legend!


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