Party Politics, Personal Interest and The Clan Factor to Decide the Next Kajiado Speaker.

The dark clouds of uncertainties surrounding the esteemed position of speaker in the county has left many citizens wondering who could end up with the highly profiled position pursued by Hon. Koin Lompo Papa fronted by Azimio and Hon. Justus Ole Ngusur by Kenya Kwanza.
It’s so certain that some factors will heavily determine the winner.

Whereas political party is an obvious factor which everyone thinks will largely determine, it seems not to be so. However the numbers are equal from both sides, considering UDA’s one missing nominee due to failure of appearance of name by the time of gazettement. Political party inclination is evidently weak especially on the Azimio side which is made up of of ODM, Jubilee and Wiper compared to Kenya Kwanza which is exclusively UDA.

Party Politics, Personal Interest and The Clan Factor to Decide the Next Kajiado Speaker.

Hon. Koin Lompo Papaa (Left) and Hon. Justus Ole Ngusur Enteke (Right)

In equal measures, one’s clan will sway ownership of the seat. A deep dive in the clan dynamics show out of 20 elected MCAs from Kajiado Central, West, East and South, 13 are from Orokiteng and only 7 from Odomongi clan. Spews bearing almost equal witness as noble truth say there have been attempts to weaken the clan factor in the sense some coalition are so strong and will be indebted to do as the party wishes.

Similarly, the procedure and process followed during nominations of MCAs is arguably said to be associated with malpractice against the constitutional requirements. Inclusion of strangers from “God knows where” to the nomination list and slashing of well fit residents of the county who eyed up the position poked many questions as to whether there could be reason behind, targeting election of the speaker.

On a different but relative scenario, personal interest could as well be a factor in contribution. Some Members of County assembly in different political sides are doubted that they can chose to ‘strike a deal’ just as friends, for Instance, Governor Lenku has been seen making Inroads in Kajiado North severally, associating with UDA MCAs. Could this be a surprise move to woo the Kenya Kwanza MCAs in the region?

Furthermore, there are possibilities, of MCAs hailing from same area as a Speaker aspirant of voting for his home mate Regardless of the party or other factors.

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