BIG QUESTION | By – Phillip Mosiany

There are questions emanating from the Kibiko’s residents demonstration on 4th January as to whether it was Lenku’s scheme to create an audience he would address Incase he won the court case challenging his victory

On Kibiko’s Land Saga, both parallel parties were on media not only claiming to be right but also pointing out how the other side is wrong. Until when the Church leadership intervened and promised to facilitate a bilateral talk instead of hurling unprintable insults and pinpointing individuals on media.

Most of Kibiko’s residents, it’s believed, through words of God’s servants, would calm down and give way to peaceful negotiations unless manipulated by significant government official who want to appear a “liberal messiah” with fierce advocacy for human rights.

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It’s primitive and inhuman to use innocently helpless residents to create cheap publicity and and passive show offs.

By – Phillip Mosiany

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