By Wamataaro

My crystal ball tells me Katoo Ole Metito ghost is still hovering over Ngong hills all the way to Loitokitok. The guy who believed he can never be defeated is calling sorts in Kajiado gubernatorial court case. Though he got a job in statehouse, the guy from south is treating statehouse job as a snack which cannot satisfy a goat eater. As a result Katoo is much alive in court than he was before. In fact the case was never substituted, it was DELEGATED. The people you see in court are Katoo’s DELEGATION. They talk, act, look and smell like Katoo, in fact the court should convince us this is not a Katoo case. If it appears to be a Katoo’s case, then it will be null and void since Katoo withdrew from the case.

Not unless you have a worm on your head, you will agree with me Katoo’s case is Ruto’s case. Katoo cannot be calling sort in this case without the blessings of president Ruto. Katoo is Ruto and Ruto is Katoo in Kajiado case. You might doubt but that’s illogical and being economical with the truth.

Katoo is Ruto and Ruto is Katoo in Kajiado's Case, Kajiado TV

Wamataaro is a Kajiado resident & a political player

Now my good people, who is the custodian of ballot papers? Of course the government. Who is the owner of this government? Of course president William Samoei Ruto. So If in this case Katoo is Ruto and Ruto is Katoo who can interfere with the ballots? Katoo and Ruto the owners of the government. Good people, If your intention is your man to win and you happen to be a referee, what will prevent you from interfering with what is in your custody? Am convinced it is Ruto who wants H.E. Joseph Ole Lenku, EGH out. This is Ruto’s case against the will of Kajiado people. Am convinced Ruto wants to be Kenyan president and also Kajiado governor. His appetite for Kajiado has no limit. Ruto should come clean on this, Katoo too should tell the voters whether the delegation in court is his delegation? But one thing is sure, A keen observer will see that those who took over the case are jokers pretending to be themselves, but the script writers are none other than Katoo and Ruto. How Ruto forgot the IEBC that made him president is the same IEBC that made Lenku governor defeats logic.

To the Maasais, this is not Katoo/Lenku battle, it’s a Maa community battle. The Maa in Kajiado resisted threats, intimidation, blackmail and reelected Lenku back to office. The Maa community was not electing a politician, they were electing their Identity, they were electing their values, they were electing the spirit of the Maa community, they were electing their kingpin. One to give them direction and guidance. This person happened to be Lenku. Even the UDA wave couldn’t stop their resolve. It never dampened their spirit to reelect their kingpin.

If you have observed Lenku keenly, you will agree with me, the guy is tough. Despite the setbacks by the UDA controlled assembly, Lenku is standing tall. He is unbowed by their unending fights, any manipulation, Lenku sees it at 18.Another thing that has surprised many, is how he has rallied the Maa community on Kibiku Land Saga. I was surprised to see Mositet standing behind tough talking Lenku. Good Maa men, if you allow your strong men to be strangled politically, your weak men will watch as your land, flock, women and children are sold in soko mjinga cheaply and with impunity. Stand up now, you need to talk, you need to act, you need to sing a freedom song!!!!!!

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